Welcome to Thorpe Lea Fishery

Thorpe Lea Fishery is a premier day ticket water set in 18 acres close to the M25 and M3 motorways.

The Thorpe Lea Fishery tackle and refreshments shop.

The Thorpe Lea Fishery tackle and refreshments shop.

Thorpe lea is stocked with 2000 plus carp up to 39lb 8oz with 70 plus over 30's.

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Pop ups and wafters are your best approach on the lake either in a solid bag or Ronnie rig helicopter system works well for fishing into the weed but keep your baits small 12-14mm.

The lake bed is gravel with weed patches so if you know how to fish the weed, fish in it! as thats where a lot of the carp like to feed. Gravel spots also work very well.

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If your using a spod mix, crush your boilies leaving just a few whole, mixed in with some pellet and a liquid of your choice.

If you are after big hits on the fishery, the pegs that reach the gravel bar across the middle of the lake are your best bet. Pegs behind the islands produce lots of fish too but you are much more likely to have some of the bigger ones rather than the quantity, so don’t be put off fishing behind an island.

One of the swims at Thorpe Lea Fishery ready for anglers.

One of the swims at Thorpe Lea Fishery ready for anglers.

Ian Russell with a nice Common caught at Thorpe Lea Fishery.

Will Bland, 80, with a nice 32lb 8oz scaley Mirror caught from peg 30 at just 5 wraps

Transportation from the car park to the swims is provided free of charge for the disabled, with a small charge made for others if needed - available only if weather/ground conditions permit.

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 Special Notes - Please Read!

 Fishery Rules
We work hard to maintain a safe and secure environment for all our staff and visiting anglers.
Please respect and adhere to all fishery rules or we will ask you to leave. Thank you.
 Anglers' Visitors
Strictly no visitors allowed on site.
One guest per angler allowed if booked on with you and arrive in the same vehicle.
 Fish Handling & Tackle Sanitation
All Unhooking Mats, Weigh Slings and Landing Nets must be bio tank dipped upon arrival and departure from our fishery.
 Tackle and Bait Requirements
No maggots can be used on the lake.
All anglers must have a carp care kit.
Sorry no Surface and Zig fishing until further notice.
To see full list of rules » Click Here.

Swim Booking All swims must be pre-booked using this link.
Sorry, we cannot allocate any swim that is not booked in advance.

Bait BoatsAbsolutely no bait boats can be used on the lake, this includes all castable electronic smart fish finders.

MatchesFor the time being, we cannot facilitate any fishing matches to be held at the venue.

In order to keep our fish in top condition regular checks will be made to hooks, rigs and equipment being used, if you are unsure please ask the bailiff. Please make sure your landing net is a suitable size for the fish you wish to catch.