Carp pellets and boilies only! No other bait can be used.

No zigs, surface or float fishing.

Barbed or micro barbed hooks.

No braided mainline or braided leaders.

Leadcore can be used but no longer than a metre.

Minimum 12lb line.

All fish must be transferred into a retaining sling before being removed from the water.

You must have a Cradle or a large padded unhooking mat.

Minimum 42inch landing net.

You must have a carp care kit.

No electronic devices(deeper pros, drones, bait boats ect).

BBQs are permitted as long as they are kept off the ground and do not leave burn marks.

Opening times are 8am - 4pm and then the gates will be locked for your own safety.

Carp over 30lb must be reported to staff and photographed in the water.

No litter will be tolerated keep your swims tidy at all times.

No wading - but please ask staff when booking if wellies are needed.

No wading for bait presentation - for fish safety Only! Please check on phone when booking for current water levels.

Only marked swims to be fished if changing pegs make staff aware before you do so.

No sacking or keep nets.

Any of the above rules broken will result in you being asked to leave.